Over our 20 plus years in the food service industry, supplying the finest gourmet ingredients to some of Australia’s best restaurants, we’ve noticed several trends. One of the more recent developments has been in the area of kids menus and how they’re evolving. Kids’ palates are expanding. Chicken nuggets, chips and margherita pizzas are still common on the kids menus of even the most upscale restaurants. However, many modern establishments are responding to growing demands for healthier and more mature menu items from both open-minded kids and sophisticated parents.  One of the best ways to make your restaurant more ‘family...

It seems like every restaurant and bar these days has “gourmet pizzas” on its menu. Even if those establishments don’t otherwise offer authentic Italian food, pizza always seems to be go-to for food service venues. Why? Because it’s popular!
The hospitality and food service industry is constantly growing and changing. It’s crucial that chefs and venue owners meet the public’s shifting appetites to stay relevant and ahead of the competition.
Stuck on what to add to your menu for this Christmas peak season or New Year’s Eve functions? If you’re looking to bring the flavours of Italy to your festive menu, adding an authentic Italian antipasto platter may be just what will get your customers ordering.
Curing (preserving meat by salting, smoking or drying) is a traditional process that goes back generations. Cultures from around the world originally took to curing their meat out of necessity, to extend the shelf life of precious food.
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