Curing (preserving meat by salting, smoking or drying) is a traditional process that goes back generations. Cultures from around the world originally took to curing their meat out of necessity, to extend the shelf life of precious food.
Often when we think of cured meat, the term that comes to mind is usually salami. However, did you know that this word refers to a specific variety of ground and cured meat, while the similar- sounding salumi describes Italian cured meats as a whole? All salami are salumi, but not all salumi are salami.
We all want to share our passions with our kids. Whether it’s taking them fishing or encouraging them to pick up an instrument and play with you, having special moments of joy or teaching them a skill that they’ll always treasure is what being a parent is all about.
When creating an authentic Italian pasta dish, it’s easy to focus just on the sauce and forget the foundation of your meal: the pasta itself. Pairing a sauce or soup recipe with the correct pasta isn’t just about tradition or preference.
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