Our Story

Our Story

Founded in 1998 by an Italian family just moved to Australia, Visco sustainably sources authentic fine food for caterers, restaurants, hotels and delicatessens. Visco’s original vision of offering quality wholesale ingredients accessible to all establishments with a passion for gourmet, is one that we continue to preserve today.

Over 20+ years, Visco has built cherished relationships within the food and hospitality industries that are the foundation of our business. Our network of suppliers and clients are our famiglia.

Our Vision

We believe that food is what connects us to our sense of identity, and Visco products reflect the international heritage of our team. Each ingredient has a place in time-honoured cuisines, which countless European cultures have refined and enjoyed over centuries.

Our specialty products range from artisan cured meats, fresh and aged cheeses, traditional pasta and rice, to indulgent chocolate and pure extra virgin olive oils.

While initially born as a local fine food supplier, Visco has grown nationally and overseas – providing ethically sourced ingredients to the food service and retail industries around Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong.

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