Visco’s Food Trends of 2022

Visco’s Food Trends of 2022

Jan 21, 2022

In a world with increasingly busy schedules, it’s important to value the time we spend preparing meals for the people we love and finding new recipes to share. Every new year promises new flavours and trends to explore in the kitchen. From sustainable dietary changes to healthy food balances, we’re getting a head start on the tastes that will define your 2022 and welcome many more wonderful memories.

Fun like fungi

More and more, plant-based recipes and meatless meals are being adopted as a part of our everyday life. While some are not ready to go completely plant-based, diets that reduce the consumption of meat and animal products are looking to gain further traction in the new year. Reducetarianism, a dietary movement advocating for cutting back on eating meat and dairy products, promotes mindfulness and sustainability in the kitchen.

For healthy meat alternatives full of flavour, we’re putting our bet on mushrooms for the standout plant-based trend of 2022. From black truffle sauce to whole porcini mushrooms, the earthy and hearty tastes of fungi can substitute cooking with meat in almost any dish.

Our choice of dishes to try with these earthy delights in 2022:

  • Truffle, potato and mushroom pizza
  • Gnocchi, wild mushrooms, broccolini and breadcrumbs
  • Mushroom bruschetta with garlic and macadamia pesto
  • Creamy polenta with mushrooms and thyme

Transform with transparency

More and more, people are coming together and celebrating authenticity in food production. With a growing consciousness toward sustainability, we predict this upcoming year will see a push toward sourcing ingredients from authentic origins by eco-friendly manufacturers.

Food connoisseurs’ kitchen pantries will expand to include international brands with ethical practices and quality taste. Food producers who provide transparency throughout the assembly process attract mindful consumers excited to cook traditional meals from around the world, setting a positive trend to continue beyond the calendar year.

Our choice of authentic products to cook with this year:

  • Casillo Semolina Flour
  • Val d’Elsa Semi-Dried Tomatoes
  • Pasta Liguori Fettucce
  • Stock Shop Co. Veal and Beef Stock

Leaning into legumes

Boost your energy levels in the new year by devouring all the rich nutrients legumes have to offer. Highly versatile and ready to absorb delicious flavours, legumes are the perfect staple for a variety of meals. Whether you’re craving a warm soup, sauteing pasta sauce or dressing up an antipasto dish, legumes can be seasoned to suit the recipe.

Available in an array of unique colours, legumes brighten up any plate of food. For a quick preparation but tasty meal, reddish-orange lentils soften quickly and release a mild, earthy taste. Prepare your own hummus dip to share at your next social gathering by soaking and slow cooking dry chickpeas.

Our choice of dishes to try with these healthy beans in 2022:

  • Warm salad with lentils, quinoa and labneh
  • Cavolo nero, meatball and cannellini soup
  • Mussels with borlotti, tomato and pangrattato
  • Minestrone soup with chickpeas and vibrant green vegetables

Motivated by moderation

We all love food, it’s the core to sharing meaningful experiences that enrich our taste buds. In the new year we’re welcoming the beauty of everything in moderation. No rigid or restrictive diets cancelling out different food groups, instead forming a healthy balance to enjoy all the unique flavours waiting at our fingertips.

From traditional dishes to sugar rushes, life is incomplete without celebrating the vastly different tastes we’re all passionate about. Healthy portions of fat and carbohydrates are essential to our nutrition, while attentively looking after our gut health vitally improves our overall wellness. The new year is the ideal time to rediscover the flavours and cooking methods we’re passionate about.

Our recommendations to perfectly balance your palate in 2022:

  • Cooking with extra-virgin olive oil for flavoursome fats
  • Gelato al cioccolato fondente
  • Veal and eggplant parmigiana lasagna
  • Grilled prawn Caesar salad with rye crumbs and yoghurt dressing

Socialising with soda

Non-alcoholic beverages are on the rise and we’re welcoming faux mixologists to concoct the drink of the summer. Refreshing and enjoyed by all, sparkling water may seem like nothing more than fizzing water, but experimenting with combinations will be a trend celebrated in 2022.

The possibilities are endless! Suited for anytime of the day, no matter what event or meal you have planned. Exercise your creativity, while delighting your taste buds, by blending classic flavours into a mocktail jug to share with your friends. From citrus fruits to mint, we recommend pairing a non-alcoholic beverage with your favourite meal.

Our choice of enjoyable non-alcoholic beverages for 2022:

  • Sparkling mineral water with lemon and mint
  • Refreshing homegrown juices
  • Cold brew coffee with an orange twist and agave
  • Ginger beer with grenadine, lime and maraschino cherries